Richest lawyer in the world

While the names of the people included in this list aren’t the wealthiest in the planet, they are the richest in their selected industry – law. Here is a list of the top richest lawyers on earth.

Vikki Ziegler – $2.5 Million

Vikki Ziegler is lawyer, writer, and a television persona. Hailing from New-Jersey, Ziegler has earned her regulation diploma in the Quinnipiac School School of Law, which can be a college in Connecticut and is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island. After she graduated from law school, she first labored as a courtroom clerk before coaching as a New Jersey mediator. In the late 90`s, Ziegler decided to open her own private practice that specific in civil and matrimonial litigation. Vikki Ziegler`s internet worth is reported to be at $2.5 million.

Willie E. Gary – $100 Million

Willie E. Gary is a motivational speaker, businessman, and lawyer, who was born in Georgia. He graduated from Shaw University, where he obtained his Enterprise Administration degree. Following this, he went on to take up law, and he graduated having a degree from the North Carolina Central University. It’s reported that Willie E. Gary is worth $100-million. He’s the guy accountable for opening and establishing Martin County`s first ever black law firm.

Howard K. Stern – $500,000

Howard K. Stern, despite being the last on this list of the richest lawyers on the planet, he is one of the most wealthy, with his net worth at an estimated sum of $ 500. Born Howard Kevin Stern on the 29th of November, 1968, this American attorney is also the agent and the former domestic partner of the late Anna Nicole Smith (design). Stern was born and raised in Los Angeles. He graduated in the University of California, where he finished is bachelor`s degree. Place was taken by his admission to the State Bar of California on the 25th of February , 1994.

Joel Segal – $40 Million

Joel Segal is a graduate of the Hofstra Law-School, where he obtained his law diploma. He started his job in his practice as sports agent and a contractor advisor. He then proceeded to join the Worldwide Soccer Administration, Inc. where he became the president straight back in 1997. He is the existing president of Lagedere Unrestricted and BEST Football. Joel Segal, a side from having an internet worth of $40 million, is also continually being ranked as one of the world`s most potent sports agents.

Stacey Gardner – $1 Million

Stacey Gardner isn’t only recognized on her modeling job; she is also considered to be one of the lawyers on the planet. She was born in Beverly Hills, California. She completed her law degree from the Southwestern Law School from which she handed in 2005, and she proceeded to using the bar exam. Her other notable achievements include being a design for being a Fox News carpet host that is red and for a quantity of salon ad. She is also one of the designs on the Offer or No Deal gameshow. Stacey Gardner is noted to have a net worth of $1 million.

Ana Quincoces – $8 Million

Cuban-American Ana Quincoces isn’t just an attorney, but is also a chef along with a reality show star. She was raised in Miami, Florida, where she began to enjoy cooking even when she was still of a young age. She self-printed her very own cook book entitled Cuban Chicks Can Cook, which quickly became a best seller. She went to write still another cook book, this time! A Passion for Cuban Cuisine, which solidified her success in the kitchen. Ana Quincoces is stated to have an internet worth of around $8 million.

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Wichai Thongthan – $1.1 Billion

Wichai Thongthan undoubtedly deserves the numberone place on this particular list of the richest attorneys in the world for having a net worth of $1.1 billion. This really is a significant leap from your $100-million net worth of Willie E. Gary. He’s best known for being a businessman, but he practiced law, before he actually entered this market. He represented extremely powerful clients, like Thaksin Shinawatra, the Thai Prime Minister. Wichai Thongthan is now one of the board members of organizations such as Bangkok Dusit Medi Cal.

Vernon Jordan – $1-2 Million

Vernon Jordan is a civil-rights activist, and in the sam-e time, also a lawyer. He was born in Georgia. This American attorney is famous for excelling in college. In 1957, he graduated from DePauw University. He earned his degree in the Howard University School of Law. Where here worked for Donal L after his graduation, we went back to Georgia. Hollowel, a lawyer excessively devoted to civil rights. Jordan played a huge part in winning case for racial discrimination contrary to the University of Georgia, while employed by Hollowel. Vernon Jordan has a net worth of $1-2 million.

John Branca – $50 Million

He moved to California in the age of eleven, although John Branca was born in New York. He was a member of a band during his teen-age years. He took up a key in songs in the Occidental University along with the Los Angeles City University. He completed his studies in the UCLA College of Legislation. He first dedicated to estate-planning just before specializing in enjoyment law. The change made him one of the most well-known entertainment attorneys on earth. John Branca h-AS a net worth of $50-million.

Jose Baez – $5 Million

Jose Baez, while he was born in New York, grew up being forced to travel back and forth to Florida from the Bronx. He had to depart school after his girl-friend got pregnant before he graduated. He nonetheless accomplished his GED though, however he went to join the United States Navy back in the mid-80`s. He became an intelligence analyst before he graduated from the Florida State University. In 1997, he finished his law degree in the St. Thomas University School of Law. He wasn’t admitted to the Florida Bar immediately after his graduation because of his previous bankruptcy problems. When his admission took place, it was in 2005. Jose Baez`s net worth is $5 million.